Onze Engelse Lot Genoten

Onze Engelse Lot Genoten

Hier onder kunt u zien hoe onze Engelse Lot Genoten Hun Aandacht Vragen Omtrent Hun Kinderen

Dit Is Wat U Kunt Verwachten Van Ons In Nederland


You can join us on peaceful demonstrations outside courts, solicitors and MP’s offices, without any risk of arrest.

If you want our to know how to hold your own protest, drop us a line on the email below.

We will give you ideas, tips, and advice on how to maximise a protest. The more we do, the more PRES

SURE on Government, which can cause change!!


Are you sick of being fobbed off and given lip service by your MP? If so it is time to give them a special visit and confront them in Batman, Spiderman or other costume of your choice. Don’t forget to get a photograph and you might even like to invite your local press.



The Purple Phantom

Somewhere in the depths of the west country, so legend has it, have been sightings of a mysterious, dark and purple spectre. Some say he is as ghostly as the mist on the Somerset levels, others say he is like the sea mist from the Devon coast. Fable has it that he has been seen on farms, landscapes and yes, even CAFCASS buildings!!

All we know is what evidence has been left behind from this apparition. Some say, he is the ghost of a father whom was never allowed to see his children, others say he is the tortured soul of Judge Matthew Thorpe.

The fact is, we don’t know, but what we do know is that he has helped the plight of fathers who are being prevented from seeing their kids by spiteful mothers and corrupt family courts. His trademark is purple……the international colour of equality.

……….”One of the most fulfilling things I have ever done, to demonstrate to the country, how much I love my Daughter”

Nigel Ace (Spiderman from Harman’s roof)


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